The Association has the following Objectives
  1. Promote the conducting of enterprises business in connection with getting the contract for the installation, product, distribution of electrical appliances, electronic, communication instruments and mechanical devices.
  2. Support and assist members to remedy the obstacles, objections as well as making negotiations with other parties for mutual benefits in conducting enterprises business of the members. Monitoring and following the movement of trade markets, Rendering local and international electrical and mechanical contracting service to facilitate the conducting of trade, industry, finance or economy.
  3. Becoming the technical exchange centre amongst all members, federation on electrical and mechanical from overseas along with promoting and supporting the educational research on electrical and mechnical fields.
  4. Enter into agreement or the establishment of rules and regulations for the member to comply with or refrain from acting for the orderliness of conducting enterprises businesses of the members.
  5. Not engaging in any political undertaking.
  6. Achievement for public benefits.
  7. Promotion of health, sporting activities and occasional entertainments.
  8. Raising electrical and mechanical contracting standard to be efficient and safety oriented.
  9. The association shall make the sales, transfer, mortgage, pledge, exchange, hire purchase for the association benefits on the sales, transfer, mortgage, pledge, exchange, hire purchase.